3 More Great Places to Teach as an ESL/ESOL Teacher in 2017

In May, we published a piece featuring three great places to work as an ELL/TESOL Teacher. We took a look at the demand, compensation, and perks associated with these districts in order to draw attention to their big-picture appeal.

With the continued rise in the English language learner population in the United States, there is no shortage of great districts seeking to expand their ELL/TESOL offerings and hire great teachers in the process. Here are three more places worth considering if you are an ELL teacher looking to make a move.

Miami-Dade County, Florida

The Demand: The Miami-Dade County Public School District is the largest in the state. With a 70% Hispanic population, the district offers a range of bilingual programs servicing over 200,000 students.

Compensation: The average Miami-Dade Public School Teacher makes just under $56,000 a year plus benefits. It is also worth considering the fact that Florida is one of the states that does not have a state income tax (read: keep more of what you earn!).

The Perks: For lovers of the beach life it is hard to beat Miami! Home to vibrant outdoor living, rich foods, countless cultural experiences, daily cafecito breaks, and an awesome bike-sharing program, Miami is a city brimming with life! For those who really love excitement, venture to South Beach for great dining, shopping, galleries, and nightlife. With an average January low of 60 F, a sweatshirt may be all the winter coat you need.

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Washoe County, Nevada

The Demand: Washoe County is the second largest school district in Nevada. It services a large, diverse population of nearly 64,000 students. The district offers multiple program structures for English language learner students including a two-way immersion program as well as a three-tiered ELL system.

Compensation: Washoe County starts teachers with a bachelor’s degree at a modest $35,563 plus benefits. Thankfully, Nevada has no state income tax and also requires districts to fund the Public Employees Retirement System on behalf of their employees.

The Perks: Washoe County has something for everyone. For nature lovers, there are plenty of scenic hiking trails to explore as well as beautiful beaches to enjoy along the shores of Lake Tahoe. Fishing, mountain biking, climbing, and snowshoeing are also popular.

Washoe County is also home to Reno, “The Biggest Little City in the World.” While primarily known for its casinos, Reno is also home to a lively theater scene as well as an abundance of exciting dining and nightlife spots. For a little lower key fun, there are plenty of museums as well!

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Evanston, Illinois

The Demand: The Evanston schools are extremely diverse. Included in this diversity is an 18% Hispanic population; 38% of which qualify as English Language Learners. Overall, 57% of the district’s Hispanic student population is either currently or was formerly part of their English learner programs.

Compensation: First year teachers with a bachelor’s degree in Evanston can expect to make just over $46,000 a year plus benefits.

The Perks: Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Evanston resides in Cook County which is also home to the sprawling metropolis of Chicago. Opting for a district in the suburbs affords teachers the opportunities to enjoy all the Second City has to offer without having to deal with the intensity of city life (…and the red tape currently plaguing the Chicago Public Schools).

Many of the attractions in Evanston revolve around local Northwestern University. As such, the college town atmosphere offers a wide variety of fun opportunities including concerts, scenic parks, museums, restaurants, and breweries that recent college graduates might find appealing when looking for their first teaching job.

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Sheldon Soper is a New Jersey middle school teacher with over a decade of classroom experience teaching students to read, write, and problem-solve across multiple grade levels. He holds teaching certifications in English, Social Studies, and Elementary Education as well as Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the field of education. In addition to his teaching career, Sheldon is also a content writer for a variety of education, technology, and parenting focused websites. You can follow Sheldon on Twitter @SoperWritings.

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