'Studio in a School' Fights Back Against Art Class Cuts

It was the mid 1970’s, the country in the midst of a financial crisis, when Agnes Gund recognized a problem in education. “Art is the first thing that’s cut,” she observed. She was right; by then, New York City had practically wiped out its budget for arts education in public schools. Visual learning is often played down as one of the not-so-crucial parts of education. 



Why You Should Incorporate Movement Into Your Classroom

Getting students to sit still during class time can be a tall order. But what if having them move around could actually serve your lesson plans better? That’s the theory behind movement-based education. Active lessons, like the “planet dances” Anne Green Gilbert writes about for Johns Hopkins, or experimental activities like the butter churning activity […]

6 Ways to Get Your Classroom’s Attention

New teachers, don’t stress! Here are 6 strategies for effective classroom management and student participation.

Plan the Perfect Field Trip: 5 Key Steps

Got a genius idea for a field trip? Here’s how to take it from an idea to a memorable experience for your students. Get approval Much like applying for a grant, you need to know where a trip fits into your curriculum to get approval from your school’s principal or administrator. Maybe a visit to […]

Teachers’ Guide to Proposal Writing

The trouble with big, brilliant ideas for your classroom is that they tend to cost money. Maybe you’d love to have a school garden, or a set of class iPads to flip your classroom with. Maybe you want better microscopes for your science classes, or a trip to Salem, Massachusetts for your English class’s unit […]

What is National Board Certification?

The new school year is now under way, and you may be doing some big thinking when it comes to your classroom. Maybe you’ve had some time to reflect on your last year of teaching, and are looking to refresh your usual teaching style. If that’s you, you’re probably looking into professional development opportunities — […]