Creative Ways to Get More Out of a Three-Ring Binder

Teachers are known for being hard-working individuals for a reason. Due to low school budgets, time restrictions, and simply being out of energy by the end of the day, you’re often forced to “make do” with what you have on hand. That makes staying organized and creating engaging moments with your students a real challenge.

Getting creative with what you already have on hand (or can get cheaply and easily) is a skill experienced educators have mastered quite well. Veterans also know that at the end of the day, your creative juices are often zapped and need refreshing.

Luckily, great resources for staying organized, creative, and on-budget already exist so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you need an innovative solution. This article and printable infographic, for example, is one of them. It walks you through some clever uses for the omnipresent binder so you can turn them into projects for students, organizational tools, and more.

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Creative uses for binders in the classroom