What You Missed This Month: Highlights from CertificationMap.com’s January Newsletter

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Best Ways to Build Relationships With Parents

Research at Child Trends shows that when a student's parents or family are actively involved in their school life and speak regularly with their teachers, they are more likely to finish high school. Here's how to help get them connected. Read more.

Jazz Up Your Classroom on the Cheap

Your classroom is your home for eight hours (or more) every day of the week, nine to ten months out of the year. Add some zing! Read more.


FAQ of the Month:

What ELSE can I do with a TESOL certification? Beyond teaching abroad and ESL stateside, there are tons of specializations to explore. Read more.



6 Tips for Classroom Management (Hint: It's Not About Showing Them Who's Boss)

Rethink your "No smiling until May" policy. Read more.



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