Improve Your Teaching Practice with These Great Podcasts

Whether you are looking to land your first teaching job or have been in the classroom for years, there is always something new to learn in the world of education.

Even if you have already talked the ear off of every teaching veteran you know, attended all the district professional development opportunities you could stand, and completed all the expensive college courses you could afford, there is still so much to learn.

Thanks to the plethora of quality, education-focused podcasts, a pair of earbuds may be the most impactful professional development tool in your arsenal. Whether you listen while cooking dinner, mowing the lawn, or driving to work, these great podcasts can help improve your teaching practice a little bit each day.

In no particular order, here are some of the best podcasts for educators to dive into!

The Wired Educator

Frequency: every week to 10 days
Length: 40 minutes to an hour
Back Catalog: over 80 archived episodes

Why it’s Great: The Wired Educator, Kelly Croy, has his finger on the pulse of the modern classroom. While the name of his podcast and site suggests (rightfully) a strong tech leaning, there’s much more going on. Kelly’s conversations with guests (a who’s who of educators, administrators, and authors) are highlighted by valuable insights into a wide array of best practices focused on student growth including differentiated instruction, flexible seating, and collaboration.

As technology becomes more ubiquitous in the modern classroom, teachers need opportunities to learn about exciting and engaging ways to use it to promote authentic learning outcomes. The Wired Educator pairs these technological innovations with workable pedagogy in an engaging and practical way for the listening audience. There are benefits here for anyone who teaches kids, whether it’s with a wired classroom or not.

Cult of Pedagogy

Frequency: bi-weekly
Length: 20 minutes to an hour
Back Catalog: over 70 archived episodes

Why it’s Great: Jennifer Gonzalez is the creator of the amazingly practical and helpful Cult of Pedagogy website. The podcast stands alongside her blog and video offerings as a key pillar of her insights and practical advice for both educators and those interested in the education field.

There are episodes focused on infusing the latest in best practices into your classroom repertoire as well as episodes that grapple with difficult social issues like gender and race. Jennifer’s conversational style and litany of brilliant guests from the education field make the Cult of Pedagogy podcast a must listen and a great place for newbies to jump into educational podcasts.

The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast

Frequency: weekly
Length: 30 to 40 minutes
Back Catalog: 20 archived episodes

Why it’s Great: The youngest podcast on this list, the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast is a collaboration between Ditch That Textbook author Matt Miller and the Shake Up Learning’s Kasey Bell. The podcast dives into the nitty gritty of what Google’s arsenal of web-based tools can do to turn stale teaching and learning practices on their head.

The pair’s practical advice is invaluable to any teacher working with the Google for Education framework. In each podcast of their first 20-episode season, the duo offer easy-to-understand deep-dives into the latest tips, tricks, and features the G Suite of tools has to offer.

Hack Learning

Frequency: bi-weekly (…give or take a day or two)
Length: 2 to 20 minutes
Back Catalog: over 90 archived episodes

Why it’s Great: Hack Learning with Mark Barnes is a treasure. The pod is reflective, insightful, and practical with tight, well-produced episodes. What separates them from the pack is that they typically take less than 15 minutes to listen to.

In each episode, Barnes tackles an issue pertaining to education or parenting, breaks it down (often with timely metaphors and anecdotes), and then offers usable solutions to address it. Each podcast is so beautifully simple and optimized, it is hard to find a reason why you wouldn’t carve out the time to keep up with the Hack Learning podcast!

Hungry for even more education podcasts? Check out the pods featured on the Education Podcast Network and the Bam! Radio Network for your daily dose of headphone-friendly professional development!

Sheldon Soper  is a New Jersey middle school teacher with over a decade of classroom experience teaching students to read, write, and problem-solve across multiple grade levels. He holds teaching certifications in English, Social Studies, and Elementary Education as well as Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the field of education. In addition to his teaching career, Sheldon is also a content writer for a variety of education, technology, and parenting focused websites. You can follow Sheldon on Twitter @SoperWritings.