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Maine Transcript Analysis

For prospective teachers who are looking to teach in Maine but hold a bachelor’s degree in a different field, there is an alternative certification available called Maine Transcript Analysis. Instead of spending an additional four years in school, prospective teachers complete the required education courses and student-teaching and become a certified teacher in a shorter amount of time.

Eligibility and How to Apply
Candidates for this program must:

  • Submit college transcripts.
  • Pass the PPST test.
  • Apply to one of the state-approved schools that offers alternative educator preparation programs.

Maine Transcript Analysis candidates must apply to a state-approved educator preparation program in which they will be required to complete six semester hours for secondary certification and 18 semester hours for elementary certification. Prospective teachers typically earn a conditional teaching certificate that allows them to teach while completing the program.

Those who seek employment through this program are only eligible to apply for jobs that have a specific teacher shortage.

Financial Information
Tuition and fees vary depending on the university.