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Learning to Expect the Unexpected as a New Teacher

No one said that teaching was going to be easy. Every day brings new challenges. A lot will not go to plan. These words were easy for me to write, but for new teachers like you, they can be awfully frustrating to experience EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. These constant surprises can grind down a new teacher’s morale, leading to a quick burn out.

Big Benefits of Professional Learning Communities

Professional learning communities (PLCs) are formed in schools that are ready to take big strides in improving student learning. The PLC looks at student data, analyzes school systems, and examines all facets of student achievement.

6 Tips For Classroom Management: It’s Not About Showing Them Who’s Boss

When I first started teaching, I though that classroom management was about controlling students. I was told that I needed to “show them who’s boss” and “don’t smile until May.” So I doled out detentions for everything from gum chewing to uniform violations to 30-second tardies.

And then I realized that I was doing it all wrong.

End of the Year Celebrations: 6 Ideas For You and Your Students

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, it’s party time for students–and teachers–everywhere. The end of the year can be a both exciting and stressful time, and what better way to celebrate the achievements of your students and destress a bit than with a celebration. While it’s easy enough to say, “We’re having a […]

Plan the Perfect Field Trip: 5 Key Steps

Got a genius idea for a field trip? Here’s how to take it from an idea to a memorable experience for your students. Get approval Much like applying for a grant, you need to know where a trip fits into your curriculum to get approval from your school’s principal or administrator. Maybe a visit to […]

What is National Board Certification?

The new school year is now under way, and you may be doing some big thinking when it comes to your classroom. Maybe you’ve had some time to reflect on your last year of teaching, and are looking to refresh your usual teaching style. If that’s you, you’re probably looking into professional development opportunities — […]