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10 Best Apps for ESL Teachers

When it comes to teaching English as a Second Language, showing is every bit as important as telling. Students need to see pictures or videos of actions while learning verbs, just as they need to hear phonetics to fully grasp new words. Thanks to an incredible variety of apps, creating a learning experience involving sights […]

How Schools are Preserving the Arts

With many states implementing new teaching evaluation systems and testing regiments, it comes as no surprise that the arts have been struggling to stay afloat as schools focus on allocating more resources toward math and literacy, especially schools that hope to show annual growth in these key areas. These changes are affecting our teachers too. […]

Teacher Burnout: 10 Ways to Beat It

Remember how excited you were to first start teaching? Maybe you stayed up hours working on lesson plans, or listened eagerly to veteran teachers’ advice on your lunch break. You cheered for A’s on tests and felt stirred to action by C’s and D’s. In short, you were engaged. Engagement, as characterized by Dr. Maslach […]

Code in the Classroom: Why It Matters

Computers, smartphones, the Internet — they’re all an undeniable fixture in our daily lives. They’re also a growing source of jobs. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million computer specialist job openings. But with education statistics as they are, there will only be enough qualified applicants to fill […]

Back to School Resource Round Up

The new school year is upon us! As eager students and even more eager parents shop for fall clothing and new supplies, teachers are scrambling to polish curriculum units and arrange their classrooms to create optimal learning environments. Since summer break passes far too quickly and there is never enough time in a teacher’s day, […]

#TeachersMatter: Teacher Appreciation Week Roundup

Teachers’ lessons extend far beyond the reach of the classroom. During this past Teacher Appreciation Week, the internet was flooded with stories about how teachers have helped shaped our lives and our culture. Although Teacher Appreciation Week was May 5-9th, it’s important that we appreciate and honor these classroom leaders during our every day. See […]