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The Pros and Cons of the Common Core Standards

Guest post written by Sue Montgomery Confused about the Common Core? Join the crowd. A polarizing topic in educational systems across the country, the Common Core Standards, also referred to as the Common Core Standards Initiative (CCSI), are frequently misunderstood by those who are affected by it — the teachers responsible for implementing them. But […]

What’s New on Certification Map?

As part of our continuing mission to provide our readers with high-quality licensure information, CertificationMap is happy to announce a complete overhaul of our state certification pages! Figuring out how to become a teacher can be complicated, and our goal has always been to make the entire process easier. All 50 states include information on […]

Sesame Workshop: Changing Education From a Global Perspective

Sesame Workshop is the educational non-profit behind Sesame Street. However, this organization is responsible for much more than Big Bird. Sesame Workshop, formerly known as the Children’s Television Workshop, spearheads projects that develop and promote the academic, social and emotional well-being of children across the world. The strength and success of Sesame Workshop’s initiatives […]

Educational Icons: Where Are They Now?

When many people think of education, they think of teachers who spent their entire careers working in schools. However, education isn’t limited to the classroom, and television is filled with current and former educators. Some of these individuals spent time in a classroom before becoming famous, while others made names for themselves in the world […]

How to Transition from Teaching ESL Abroad to Teaching ESL in the United States

English as a second language (ESL) teachers are in high demand all around the world, as more people are looking to learn English. With immigration rates climbing in the United States, ESL teachers are being heavily sought after. Differences between Teaching Abroad and in the United States Teaching English in the United States and teaching […]

Best Educational Programs on Netflix

Calling all middle school and high school science teachers! It is no secret that students love to watch movies, and Netflix offers a massive library in terms of entertainment and even educational value. Netflix even has a wealth of films that can supplement classroom science lessons. Here are the top 20 films that can add some pizzazz to science instruction.