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Educational Video Games

Video games that encourage hours of mindless play have a bad reputation, but many teachers and parents are finding that educational video games are a great way to expand learning. Combining education and entertainment, educational video games are part of an emerging field known as “edutainment.”

Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

The interview is a crucial step to becoming a teacher. Learn how to shine during yours with these commonly asked teacher interview questions!


Said No Teacher Ever

Check out this video of different things that you’d probably NEVER hear a teacher say…ever.


Classroom Management Strategies

Educators are responsible for managing their classroom’s environment to facilitate learning for all students, making classroom management an important skill to have. Classroom management involves minimizing disruptive behavior, understanding what motivates each student, remaining consistent and fair with discipline and rewards, and encouraging respect among students and between the teacher and students. Learn From Others […]

Does P.E. Make Kids Better Students?

t is no secret that childhood obesity has become a serious concern in the United States, and the role that physical education classes can play in fighting the obesity trend has been argued by advocates nationwide. School-age children need at least an hour of rigorous exercise a day and not all children are going to […]

Documentary Film Flowchart [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you a documentary film fan? With the great variety of high quality documentaries that exist at your fingertips, picking out the right film can be an overwhelming challenge. Follow our Documentary Film Flowchart featuring some of our favorite classic and contemporary documentary films. Let the arrows guide you to the perfect film based on […]