Classroom Resources

Resources for Effective Lesson Plans

Teaching has been referred to as both an art and a science, requiring a great deal of pedagogy and creativity to keep students engaged. It is an occupation that requires a lot of planning since lessons must both align to state standards and appeal to a multitude of student interests and learning preferences. If you […]

LinkedIn 101 for Teachers

If you knew of a social media brand that catered to professionals who were looking to grow their career and that had over 300 million members, you’d be interested right? What if that same brand was growing by two new members every second of every day? The brand, of course, is LinkedIn, the world’s largest […]

Teacher Appreciation Week 2014

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! From May 5th – May 9th, we take this time out to pay special attention to the teachers in our lives, and to highlight the pivotal role they play in student success – both personally and academically. Teachers have an impact on student achievement every day of the year, but Teacher […]

The Relationship Between Professional Development and Student Achievement

Looking for a way to strengthen your classroom management skills and improve your students’ academic achievement? By participating in teacher professional development programs, and attending education conferences, you can do both. Research proves that participating in professional development is the key to unlocking student success in the classroom. Connection to Student Learning Professional development for […]


It’s Easy Being Green: Resources for Teaching Earth Day

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day set the stage for a newfound environmental awareness. In this current era of global warming, it is more important than ever for teachers to promote Earth Day in the classroom, preparing our future stewards of this planet. For this coming Earth Day on April 22 (or any other day), […]