GRE Study Tips for Educators

Whether you’ve already decided to go back to school to get an advanced degree or you’re just considering it, congrats! Wanting to further your education is a sign that you’re a great teacher—one who is truly dedicated to lifelong learning. When it’s time to get your master’s or doctorate, you may need to take one of the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) tests.

What Can We Learn from the Countries with the Top Test Scores?

Every three years, fifteen-year-old students around the world participate in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). This assessment tests students’ skills and knowledge in science, math, reading, collaborative problem solving, and financial literacy. The 2015 PISA tested 28 million students in 72 countries and economies (these include various regions that may not be officially recognized as an independent). The results of the 2015 PISA were released in December 2016.

The Case Against Homework

The one issue that causes more family discord between parents and children than any other is...homework. Once children return from school, groceries are picked up, the house tidied, dinner fixed and eaten, there's barely enough time for parents to check in with their children before its time for bed. Unrealistic homework expectations are unfair and can interfere with precious family time, especially if there seems to be little educational benefit.


Where Your Teaching Certificate Can Take You: 6 Alternatives to Teaching in Traditional Public Schools

Free public primary and secondary education are cornerstones of the US educational landscape. Public schools exist because of funding from the local, state, and federal governments. In return, public schools must admit any child that lives within the district or school boundaries.

Public school gets a lot of flak from people who think its methods are outdated and incompatible with today’s economy. Complaints range from there not being enough parent involvement to overcrowding to too much (or too little) reliance on technology to students not being prepared for college and/or careers. And lately, with the controversy over the Common Core State Standards, it seems like many teachers are wondering if there are any alternatives to teaching in public schools.

Should Schools Implement a Uniform Dress Code?

One of the many extensive debates in education includes the discussion of school uniforms. Uniforms have existed since the beginning of formal schooling but its meaning and value has long changed. Educators argue for the enforcement of uniforms while others advise they not necessary for schooling. Traditionally, uniforms have been used in private school institutions. Today, however, more and more public schools have been integrating uniforms in their systems.

Top 5 Careers with an Ed.D

Have your master’s, but itching to move to the next step? An Ed.D can take your career to the next level — and salary bracket. What’s an EdD? A Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) is a terminal doctoral degree for people who want to work in education at a management or executive level. With prospective careers […]