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Applying to Grad School: Writing Your Personal Statement

While many aspects of the admissions process for graduate school focus on grades, your personal statement is an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition, to become more than just a grade point average.

Presidents who were Teachers

Rarely do we consider that some presidents may have been teachers. While most of the following presidents did indeed study law, they were all also teachers at some point in the careers, working with multiple age groups, from elementary school all the way up to post graduate.


Master of Arts in Teaching Guide: Curriculum

There are multiple benefits to getting a master’s degree, and teachers hoping to advance their careers or those with bachelor’s degrees who wish to become teachers may both consider a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program a good option.

Become a Master in Education: Start Your Own YouTube Channel

You do not have to be a technological wizard to set up your own YouTube channel, which will greatly enhance the educational experience for both you and your students.


Educational Comic Books to Use in Class

Eisner recognized that the mix of visual imagery and text created a powerful learning tool that could facilitate the understanding of complex problems.

Teachers’ Guide to DonorsChoose

Donors Choose has made it easier for teachers in high-need districts to secure the supplies needed to do great projects with their students.