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Jonathan Bergmann, Pioneer of the Flipped Class Movement

Welcome to our Masters of Education series! Check back each week for another profile of an Expert Educator. The flipped classroom has been an increasingly prominent subject in discussions of education recently, with articles appearing on the subject in venues ranging from to Scholastic and the Chronicle of Higher Education — but what is […]

Tips for Substitute Teachers

Substitute teaching is a challenging job. You are expected to take the place of a fully certified professional educator and do their job with little warning or preparation. However, there are some basic strategies that will help you rise to the challenge. These tips for substitute teachers will help you be a substitute who kids […]

Darlene Cavalier, Founder of Science Cheerleaders

Welcome to our Masters of Education series! Check back each week for another profile of an expert educator. Science and cheerleading are two disciplines that usually aren’t associated with each other. But Darlene Cavalier, a former Philadelphia 76ers cheerleader who holds a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, found common ground for her two […]

Winners of the Automated Essay Grading Contest Announced

Have you ever wished that someone else could grade that stack of student essays for you? It turns out that software exists to do just that! A recent automated essay grading contest has produced software that grades essays more consistently than human beings do. With international contestants hailing from a wide variety of fields, the […]

Summer Conferences for Teachers

For many teachers, summer is the best time to catch up on professional development. Whether you want to enhance your teaching skills, network with other educators or search for teaching jobs, you’ll find a wide variety of helpful conferences scheduled for summer. Here’s a sampling of some of the teacher conferences going on this summer: […]

What Does a PTA Do?

Most Americans have heard about Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) since their elementary school days. But many of us reach adulthood without being able to clearly answer the question, “What does a PTA do?” The short answer is: A PTA brings together parents, teachers and other community members to advocate for the interests of children, particularly […]