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Education News Round-Up

School starts as early as this week for some students across the country! Read on to learn how this school year will look after some important changes! California Judge Upholds Enforcement of “Parent Trigger” Law The parents in Adelanto, California, were the first in the nation to act upon the state’s “parent trigger law,” which […]

Top 5 iPad Apps for Algebra Class

Students love to play with iPads, but the iPad is also a valuable educational tool. Check out 5 Algebra apps that algebra teachers and students should know!

Top iPad Apps for Biology Class

Biology teachers can benefit from the iPad due to the numerous science-themed applications available. These are some of the best biology apps for the iPad.

Greg Bamford Promotes Play in Education

Greg Bamford is a former teacher who advocates “purposeful play:” the idea that successful strategies don’t just require discipline, but open-ended imagination.

Masters in Education: Stacey Roshan

Math teacher, Stacey Roshan, uses the flipped classroom technique: recording lectures for students to watch online at home, and using class time for homework.

How to Upload Your Videos on SchoolTube

SchoolTube is a video hosting site that bills itself as a secure community for sharing videos for K-12 students and teachers. SchoolTube is approved for use by a variety of educational institutions and schools across the country due to a high level of moderation, which ensures that all videos hosted on SchoolTube are appropriate for […]