Teaching Overseas

Large networks of schools all over the world hire American teachers, offering a great opportunity to live and work in a foreign country while gaining valuable, unique professional experience. If the idea of setting up a classroom in another country appeals to you, here are some tips:  

Improve Your Teaching Practice with These Great Podcasts

Whether you are looking to land your first teaching job or have been in the classroom for years, there is always something new to learn in the world of education.

Even if you have already talked the ear off of every teaching veteran you know, attended all the district professional development opportunities you could stand, and completed all the expensive college courses you could afford, there is still so much to learn.

Thanks to the plethora of quality, education-focused podcasts, a pair of earbuds may be the most impactful professional development tool in your arsenal. Whether you listen while cooking dinner, mowing the lawn, or driving to work, these great podcasts can help improve your teaching practice a little bit each day.

In no particular order, here are some of the best podcasts for educators to dive into!

Interacting with Students (and Their Families) Outside of School

As a new teacher you are likely preparing for how you will act in front of your students and their families while at school. Obviously you should dress well, watch your language, and do just about anything to set a good example. But in every teacher’s life comes the unexpected: running into your students and their parents outside of school. Maybe it’s at a coffee shop, or at the grocery store. And (gasp!) is that an alcoholic beverage in your cart?

In this article we will discuss how new teachers can keep their cool in these unexpected situations.

How Do I Put Time off Teaching on My Resume?

There are times in a teacher’s life when you might have to take some time off from your beloved career. Some teachers want to stay home and raise their children for a while. A leave from teaching is necessary to take care of personal or medical issues. Other times, a teacher just needs to take a break or may even want to look into a different career path altogether.

5 Obstacles to Creating Independent Learners and Why They’re Worth Getting Over

During the first ten years or so of my teaching career, I gave a test at the end of every book unit. What I was looking for in students’ answers was for them to repeat back to me my own ideas on the text. These tests were easy to grade, and students often did well on them if they paid attention in class. I liked being reassured that they were understanding the ideas that I wanted them to, and I admit that it felt good to read my ideas in their essays.

Why Be a Substitute Teacher?

Over the past decade, substitute placement software has transformed the landscape of substitute teaching. Rarely is a substitute teacher roused from bed with early morning calls. It’s now common for subs to be notified of open jobs, which they can accept, reject, or cancel via smartphone app or computer. Substitute teaching is in high demand and jobs are plentiful. Subs who work in multiple districts have access to enough jobs to choose from a wide variety of subjects and grade levels.