5 Ways to Be a Better Teacher by September

After a long academic year of planning, teaching and assessing, many teachers look forward to the summer vacation as a chance to unwind and re-energize, before an enthusiastic return to school in September.

The long summer vacations are an obvious benefit of a career in education, but most teachers still find they spend a good deal of their summer, prepping and planning for the year to come

Expect Success: 5 Goals To Set For The Upcoming School Year

As the summer flies by, it will soon be time to return to the classroom for another school year. In the immortal words of Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow”: while the summer is a great a time to get some much needed rest and relaxation in, it’s also a great […]

Teaching at Public vs. Private Schools

The word “teaching” tends to conjure images of wooden desks, chalkboards and apples. But the work of education itself can take place in all kinds of environments. From private preschools to public high schools, and even medium security prisons, there are plenty of options for what your classroom might look like. Traditionally though, if you’re […]

6 Reasons You Should Think About Teaching Abroad

For many, scratching the ever-present itch of wanderlust (an intense desire to travel and explore new cultures and see new sights) seems like an unattainable pipe dream. The need for gainful employment almost always trumps world travel because, well, traveling costs money. But for those with a desire to shape and mold the minds of […]

Top Apps for Teacher Organization

Teaching is more than just delivering fascinating lessons. When you consider the many responsibilities of teaching—grading, recording data, test preparation, classroom management and communication with parents—it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are many apps that have been created with the purpose of making teachers’ lives easier. 73 percent of teachers are OK with […]

Top Apps for Students with Special Needs

Technology in the classroom is on the rise, and has helped thousands of students accelerate learning through a variety of tools and applications. Within special education / inclusion classrooms, this can be especially true, as companies step up to the plate with a myriad of apps for special education to help these students optimize learning. […]