Become a Master in Education: Start Your Own YouTube Channel

You do not have to be a technological wizard to set up your own YouTube channel, which will greatly enhance the educational experience for both you and your students.


Educational Comic Books to Use in Class

Eisner recognized that the mix of visual imagery and text created a powerful learning tool that could facilitate the understanding of complex problems.

Teaching on Military Bases

The U.S. Department of Defense serves over 100,000 students and is hailed as one of the United States’ most successful school systems.

Charter Schools vs. Public Schools: The Right Choice for Teachers

When debating between charter schools vs. public schools, it is essential to do considerable research on the unique opportunities afforded to you by the particular district in question.

Copyright Laws for Teachers: What You Need to Know

Copyright is part of a legal concept called intellectual property, this is of particular importance to teachers who may want to use copyrighted material in the course of their classes.

Best Schools for Teachers in Alabama

Here are 5 of the best schools in Alabama that are ideal for any teacher looking to teach in a supportive, progressive, student learning-oriented environment.