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Can you receive Teacher Certifications in specific class subjects, like history?

There is an option to receive your teacher certification in a specific subject that you are interested in. This is common for many individuals who were certain majors in college who want to teacher the subject they are interested in to others. One subject that one might pursue for a teacher certification is history. In order to receive your history teacher certification, you must first fulfill the general teacher certification requirements of your home state. To find out more about how to become a certified teacher anywhere in the United States, go to Certification Map.

On Certification Map, you will find information on the prerequisite courses, teacher preparation, and required testing you must complete to receive teacher credentials in any state in the country. After you have completed the basic teaching certification requirements, you will need to take and pass a history subject test in order to signify that you have satisfactory comprehension of the subject to teach it in a public school.

To find out more information about the teacher certification subject tests offered in your state, you should go to your state’s Department of Education website and research subject tests. Certification Map also has links to the subject test websites of every state.