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International Schools in South Korea

South Korea is home to several top-quality international schools. Below is a sampling of some of these institutions.

Korea International School

Founded in 1999, the Korea International School is an elite K-12 school with a new 45-million dollar campus near Seoul. Prospective students must have at least one non-Korean parent, and must have lived overseas for at least 3 years. Students applying for entrance after kindergarten must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, and must provide letters of recommendation. The Korea International School employs a curriculum accredited by the Western Association of Schools of Colleges (WASC) that engages students in mathematics, science, English language arts, music, health, social studies, visual arts, performing arts, and instructional technology. The Korea International Schools requires prospective teachers to submit an online application, online with a personal statement, resume, and any additional relevant documents, including teacher certifications. 

Seoul International School

Established in 1973 as the first international school official recognized by the Republic of Korea, the Seoul International School continues to be among the best international schools in Korea. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools of Colleges (WASC), the school provides a challenging American curriculum to its students, and boasts state-of-the-art facilities that include 5 computer labs, 2 libraries, several science laboratories 2 gymnasiums, a five-lane indoor heated pool, and a spacious auditorium. Prospective teachers must hold valid teaching certification, provide proof of both 2 years full-time teaching experience and familiarity with the American curriculum, and demonstrate a willingness to participate in co-curricular activities.

Yongsan International School of Seoul

One of the newest international schools in Korea, the Yongsan International School of Seoul is co-ed K-12 school comprised of over 850 students from more than 48 different countries. Founded in 2004 as a school for foreign investors in Korea, the school combines excellent facilities with a well-trained teaching staff. Students from the Yongsan International School of Seoul have gone on to attend the world’s elite colleges and universities, and each year receive over $14,000,000 in scholarships from the Korea Foreign Schools Foundation (KSFS). The school follows an American curriculum culminating in AP-based courses. Prospective teachers must apply through the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS). The school states that it, “seeks Christian education professionals that have a passion for living out their faith in an international school context.”

Seoul Foreign School

The Seoul Foreign School traces its roots back to the founding of the Methodist Boys School in Seoul in 1912. The school now operates as a K-12 international school with roughly 1500 students from 52 different countries. The Seoul Foreign School offers its students 25 acres of top-quality facilities, which were recently upgraded thanks to a $30 million investment in new facilities in the past 5 years. The school is broken up into elementary, middle, and high divisions, and also operates the Seoul Foreign British School, which follows the English National Primary Strategy and National Curriculum for Reception to Year 9. Prospective teachers must hold a teaching degree, valid teacher certification, must have at least two years of successful teaching experience in a western school setting, must demonstrate familiarity with current teaching materials and methodologies, and must be Christian.

Taejon Christian International School

Founded my missionaries in 1958, the Taejon Christian International School is now a K-12 school with roughly 600 students. Located near the Daedeok-Science Town – a major area for scientific research in Korea – the school’s facilities include a state-of-the-art high school building with high-speed wireless internet access. Prospective teachers must hold a bachelors degree,  must commit to living for at least 2 years in Korea, and must be Christian.

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