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International Schools in the UK

ACS Schools

ACS runs three different schools at Cobham, Egham, and Willingdon for student ages 2-18. ACS schools follow both International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) curricula. All ACS students receive American high school diplomas, and may opt to pursue either IB full diplomas or subject certificates. ACS graduates have gone on to attend elite universities across the world. Outside of the classroom, ACS provides its students with a number of extracurricular options, including varsity and junior varsity teams in 13 different sports, and a variety of student clubs. Each campus features its own state-of-the-art facilities, including a recently completed 134-seat Interactive Learning Center.

Holy Trinity International School

Founded in 1903, the Holy Trinity International School is a private coeducational school for students ages 3 months to 18-years-old. The school continues to provide an exceptional international education to its students, and prides itself on being able to offer its students continuity in their education throughout their entire academic careers with all of its facilities and schools on one site. Students at the school learn according to a curriculum that covers the entire National Curriculum, plus additional material. Graduates of Holy Trinity benefit from excellent GSCE and A Level examination scores on their way to higher education.

American School in London

The American School in London first started in 1951 as a small school for the children of an American journalist and his friends. The school has now grown to become one of the premier international schools in the United Kingdom, and has 12,653 alumni living in 77 countries. The school employs its own curriculum for all grades; however, it does offer AP classes for high school students. The school’s core academic requirements include English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and World Languages & Cultures, for which students must take courses in either French, Spanish, or Chinese.

The school lists the following application requirements: A bachelor’s degree, a minimum of three years’ full-time teaching experience, significant recent professional development, excellent computer skills and integration of technology into the curriculum, strong oral and written communication skills, and outstanding collaborative skills. The school gives preference to applicants with masters degrees, experience with an American curriculum, experience working at an international school, interest in leading or coaching a student club, and experience teaching a broad range of students.

Southbank International Schools

The Southbank International Schools originally began as the American International School in 1979, with three founding principles: that it would be democratic, that it would use London as its classroom, and that the curriculum would be individualized. The school now operates as the Southbank International Schools on 3 campuses: Hampstead (ages 3-11), Kensington (ages 3-11), and Westminster (ages 11-18). The school is now home to over 750 students from 73 different countries. The school follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, but uses its own unique grade classification system, which includes 2 years of Early Childhood Education, 1 year of Kindergarten, and 12 years of standard grades. The school does not publish explicit requirements for applications, but does give preference to teachers with experience teaching the IB curriculum.

American School in England

The American School in England is a premiere international school located just outside of London. The school is comprised of over 750 students from 40 different nations, 160 of whom are boarding students. Both Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses are offered as part of the curriculum, which spans from nursery through high school. Each of the school’s divisions has developed its own learning environment specific to the different age groups’ various needs, and extra attention is paid to the students’ campus life outside the classroom. The majority of the American School’s roughly 100 faculty members are from the United States. Teachers interested in working at the American School in England should have at least three years’ full-time teaching experience, and will be given preference for holding an advanced degree, or for experience with teaching IB or AP courses.

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