Top 5 iPad Apps for U.S. History Class

The iPad is not just for entertainment: it is an innovation in education. You can build courses from scratch, use “video mirroring” to display videos and images, and create multimedia presentations to make your content dazzle. Besides its multiple applications in Math andScience, the iPad has much to offer for U.S. History teachers, such as access to historical documents and Civil War images. Here are five iPad apps that will assist teachers and students in U.S. History classes.

 “iAmerica-The Pocket Guide to United States History and the Presidency” by USA Interactive

Ideal for teachers from K-12, iAmerica serves as a reference guide to every president who has served the United States. Besides being the most downloaded U.S. History app, it is commercial-free. In addition to presidential biographies, it offers the history of the White House, first ladies, and the many cabinets that have served our country. There are links to White House news, like press releases and the President’s weekly address. And the best part is it’s free!

Civil War: America’s Epic Struggle” by MultiEducator Inc.

A value at $4.99, Civil War: America’s Epic Struggle has an hour of presentations, over 1,000 photographs, text of first-hand accounts, and over 100 maps all related to the Civil War. The main section hosts an overview of the war with a timeline, biographies and sub-sections on music (with songs), the railroad, medical care, economics, and more. There is detailed coverage of individual battles and you have the ability to email photographs and text.

U.S. Historical Documents” by Standard Works LLC
For a mere 99 cents, US Historical Documents is a handy reference tool. It contains over 200 historical documents, including The Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, Emancipation Proclamation, and every Inaugural Address ever delivered. You can adjust font sizes, highlight and underline text, and write inline notes. This is a must-have for every history teacher and student.

A.P. U.S. History: 5 Steps to a 5” by gWhiz, LLC

A.P. U.S. History: 5 Steps to a 5 may cost more than these other apps ($9.99), but this is still a great value. This app is specifically designed for students studying for the AP exam, and would like to gain an advantage in competitive college admissions. Students set up their own study programs, test their current knowledge, develop test-taking strategies, review material using virtual flashcards, and take a realistic practice test.

Manual for the United States of America” by Clint Bagwell Consulting

Get the second edition of the popular Manual for the United States of America, which has historical documents, presidential and state facts, current news, an interactive map, and much more. There is a “Branches of the Government” section that includes biographies of Supreme Court Justices , major cases, and Senate and House rules. There is a section entirely devoted to the flag and another that has “Influential Writing” from great patriots like Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. Of current interest is the “2012 Election Center.”