Top iPad Apps for Biology Class

Biology Apps Technology is an important resource for any class, especially as younger generations are growing up with more of it in their day-to-day lives. The benefits of integrating technology into one’s teaching, whether as a tool for instruction or to complement it, are numerous, and the savviest educators have been able to do more than simply introduce curriculum with technology; they’ve been able to introduce students to new, multifaceted ways of learning.

The iPad, even more so than traditional computers, has earned a reputation for being an intuitive, easy-to-use device for children of all ages and, as such, is the most ideal tool for educational instruction.

Biology teachers can benefit from the iPad due to the large number of science-themed applications supported by the device. These are some of the best biology themed apps available for the iPad:

3D Brain & 3D Cell Simulation

These two are similar apps designed to introduce students to the specifics of the human body. They allow users to zoom in and examine the various pieces of human bodily structures via touch screens, detailing the way the body functions, as well as providing information on health, disorders and recent research. 3D Cell includes a video library as well as the ability to perform virtual cell stains.

Project Noah

Project Noah is designed to allow users to document and share wildlife encounters and, on a bigger scale, nature’s biodiversity. This app is ideal for students since it encourages them to explore the world that surrounds them, as well as document the sorts of plants and animals they come into contact with. Project Noah users are able to take and share images of what they encounter, categorize them by what sort of animal or plant they have recorded, and plot their encounters on an interactive map.

Bio Flowchart

According to the product information, this app was designed with teachers and students in mind, empowering users to create vivid and professional biological flowcharts and diagrams. This is a very useful app given how integral the creation of flowcharts and diagrams is to lab assignments and class presentations. Some of Bio Flowchart’s features include: over 200 biology-related clip arts and images, text boxes which are easy to use and manipulate, autosaving and the ability to export charts in a variety of file formats.

A Life Cycle

A Life Cycle is an intuitive app designed to introduce younger students to a variety of ecological processes and concepts. Some of the topics covered include the life cycles of living organisms, like frogs, butterflies and various plants, as well as atmospheric and geological cycles, like the water cycle. Processes like pollination are also covered. The app uses images, audio and animation in order to portray the way these essential aspects of life function.

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